Common Problem FAQ ?

No computer can do?

You can, with the phone can also manage the website. We provide mobile software so that you can process the order and product issues.

Preset and custom what is the difference?

Such as preset of commercial and custom business function is basically the same.

  • DefaultBelong to the website template we have designed, and ourDemo siteThe same, of course, we also have up to 20 other template styles for you to choose from. After the installation is complete, we will help you replace the image content of your website, etc. After that, you can also edit the website yourself, such as: changing the page title, Pictures, content, etc., we will provide editing teaching in the Frans Panel. (Product part) We will upload 1 - 3 of your products for you as a style for your reference, and you need to upload the rest by yourself.
  • CustomizedIt is to design the website according to your needs. In the early stage, we will provide a design template for your reference, and then we will build it according to the design style you choose. Including page content, pictures, title editing. (Product part) We will upload 1 - 3 of your products for you as a style for your reference, and you need to upload the rest by yourself.

DefaultIt is more suitable for the e-commerce industry, small and medium enterprises, individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs who have just entered the Internet, etc.

CustomizedIt is more suitable for companies that need special page design, increase company introduction, brand promotion, etc.

Do not use the website functions do?

When you don't understand the function how it should be used, you can request our help. You can also go to Frans Panel in the knowledge base to find related functions, use the help in the teaching and the instructional video to help you solve your problem.

Website doing good on my own, can I modify it?

Can when we build a good website, you can according to their own preferences to edit page content, add products, manage orders and update activities.

Build website, how much time will only be completed?

Default web site supporting 1 – 3 days to deliver.

Customized website supporting 3 – 14 days to delivery.

Specific needs based on the information you provide is complete. When the information and the picture contents of the full building site opposite will block some.

When the service first years of the settlement How do I renew?

当您的服务即将到期时,Frans Fpanel 会自动为您生成发票并通过邮件通知您,您只需要登录 Frans Fpanel 并在发票到期前支付即可,您可以在 Frans Fpanel 中查看到未付款的发票,您可以通过,银行汇款,网上银行 FPX, 进行续费支付。

I can upload how many products to my online store?

We don't limit you to upload product number. But when the number of products allow multi-affect website speed, as it needs to upload more products, you can contact us, we will give you some solutions for your reference.

Can I add the functionality I need if the site doesn't have it?

Yes, we will provide you with additional functions that can be added in the mall of this website. You need to log in to your account before you can see the content of the mall. At the same time, there are free and paid additional functions for you to use.

  • Use free add-ons, we'll install and use them for free
  • Paid version requires purchase of this feature to use

I can be in my online store using what payment terms?

The system comes with a payment method with the arrival of payment, Bank transfer, and cheque payments.

Online payment gateway you can choose your favorite payment gateway.


  • Free premium programme


  1. The arrival of payment
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Payment by cheque
  4. Paypal
  5. Stripe


  • Applies to Malaysia Online Pay payment solutions with


  1. Billplz
  2. SwiFPay
  3. Toyyibpay
  4. Senangpay
  5. ipay 88
  6. eGHL


Above may be a proxy application account

There must be a company SSM Enterprise or Sdn Bhd to apply.


  1. Senangpay
  2. ipay 88
  3. eGHL


  • The above three have additional annual fee and installation fee, which can be supported (credit card, debit card, FPX online banking payment, e-wallet, installment payment, recurring payment)


  1. Billplz
  2. SwiFPay
  3. Toyyibpay


  • The above three kinds of the free programs you can use, can support ( FPX online banking payment, e-wallet )
  • Scalable paid version, can support (credit card, debit card, FPX online banking payment, e-wallet, recurring payment)

(Please inquire about the specific cost)

When the site problems need engineers to assist the need for additional payment fees?

If there is a problem with the website system, we will repair it free of charge and will not charge you. Additional charges apply if you need us to add content or add functionality to you. However, we recommend that you can make simple content edits and change images yourself.

Do I need to pay extra if I need to change the website image or title?

If you just change the picture and title content, you don't need to pay extra, you can contact us at any time to help you modify it. Of course, you can change it yourself, but if you want to redesign the layout of the page, you will need extra costs.

When I need you to help me design a new page or change content requires additional payment fees?

In addition to the website, the system itself is the problem occurs outside all belong to the design requirements is subject to an additional charge, the specific cost of another question.

What is the FRS Enterprise VIP Membership Plan?

【FRS Enterprise VIP Plan 1.0】

After a long period of observation, FRS found that many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs do not have much time to manage their websites, or lack of Internet resources. Therefore, we decided to launch this plan for the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises who have no extra time management, and the company does not have related enterprises with technical talents in this area, to help more entrepreneurs manage their websites and keep them updated, which is equivalent to you Ask an employee to help you manage the same.

In addition, we will provide various resources to connect with you. FRS is an Internet industry chain enterprise. In addition to website development, we have also developed many very useful Saas systems to help all enterprises that want to transform online to provide various network resources. These systems and functions can help you solve your problems faster and save more time and labor costs.

If you have already transformed the Internet or are an Internet marketing enterprise, then these systems and functions can definitely bring you more benefits.


【VIP Plan 1.0】

Currently, we will provide an enterprise website or e-commerce website for FRS Enterprise VIP members, everything is tailor-made for you. From now on and then the modification, update, the design will be free.

Compared with the traditional website construction package, if we are required to design a new page after the scope of free support, there will be some labor design costs, so you must not be charged some design fees.

The VIP membership plan eliminates this design fee, and additionally helps you manage and continuously optimize your website SEO services. When you need to add new functions, you can decide whether to install for free or special offers according to the function. It is also much more cost-effective than traditional packages.

In addition, we will also send you a very valuable system, currently: electronic Business Vcard, Dynamic QR code generation system, Facebook, Instagram automatic chat robot system.

These three systems are worth up to RM 25,000 when purchased individually. And in the future, we will continue to update more systems and functions and provide them to FRS VIP Members.

Can I take the normal website building package first and upgrade to the VIP plan later?


If you take any of our website building packages now, when you decide to upgrade to VIP later, we will follow the price of the VIP Member at that time, minus the total price of the website building packages you purchased before.

And you only need to pay the VIP Membership price after deducting the price of your original website construction package.

If I join the VIP Membership Plan, is it okay for me to withdraw and renew with the normal package price later?

Yes, when you decide to withdraw from the VIP Plan, we will add the current value of your website as the renewal price of the normal package, and then you only need to pay the normal website server and maintenance fees.


In addition, you will no longer be able to use the additional systems that VIP Members provide free of charge (except for electronic Business Vcards).

If you also want to keep using certain systems, you can pay for that system separately, or use a limited free plan.

Build your official website and get FB/INS automated chat system FransChat

立即创建您的网站并只需加购 RM699.00 即可获得 1 年的 FransChat 聊天机器人

Refund Reason

Celebrating the official launch of FransChat

FransChat 是 Facebook,Instagram 的自动聊天机器人,可以帮助您自动回复客户评论和私人聊天,现在购买 Frans Ecommerce 任何一个网站建设套餐,就可以以 RM699.00 加购 1 年 FransChat Premium Subscribers 5000 配套,原价 RM1,020



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