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Become a VIP member to enjoy free technical support and services from FRS. If you have any questions about the website, you can contact us at any time to help you solve it. There is no time limit, just like you have hired a professional website construction staff.

What are the benefits of joining the Corporate VIP Membership Program?

FRS is an Internet industry chain enterprise. In addition to website development, we have also developed many very useful Saas systems to help all enterprises that want to transform online to provide various network resources. These systems and functions can help you solve your problems faster and save more time and labor costs.

If you have already transformed the Internet or are an Internet marketing enterprise, then these systems and functions can definitely bring you more benefits.

Modify or design website content at any time

You no longer need to update the content of your website by yourself or hire an employee. When you have anything you want to change or design, you can contact us at any time and we will help you solve it. As a boss, you should spend more time on marketing, and leave the professional website engineering to us.

Business VCard

With the progress of the times, paper business cards will gradually be eliminated. Then came the electronic business card. Traditional paper business cards provide too little information to allow customers to fully understand your business services and products. The electronic business card can completely make up for this problem. You can put the contact information of all your social platforms in the electronic business card, or link the URL address of your company's website, and you can also write a short article about your business service introduction.

Facebook Chatbot

Marketing through Facebook is essential in this day and age. Marketing and advertising your company through a Facebook Page can lead to more clients from all over the world. At this time, if you don't have a tool to assist you in the customer response, you will spend more time explaining the product or service to the customer. Through the chatbot, you can automatically reply to the customer's message, guide the customer step by step, and finally let the customer get a solution.

Dynamic QR code generation system

The traditional QR code can only point to a fixed URL link. When you change the URL link, the QR code can no longer be used. Some industries may need to print a QR code for customers to scan, which may be to go to the website address, or to contact you directly. All QR codes you have printed before can no longer be used when you change the website or phone number.

The dynamic QR code solves this problem, it can generate an exclusive dynamic QR code, you can print it out with confidence, and then if you need to change the URL or any information, you can change it directly through the background and update. At the same time, the background will also record the number of times the QR code is scanned, which country and region, language and other data.

Business VCard

When you touch the electronic business card through the NFC function of the mobile phone, the other party can quickly open your electronic business card page, and directly add your contact information and name to the other party's mobile phone by clicking the Add Contact Information button. Or view it through QR code or URL sharing.

Join the FRS Corporate VIP Membership Program and you will get the following products for free.

Dynamic QR code System

Powerful QR BUILDER – Highly customizable QR codes with gradients, custom colors and brand logos.

Dynamic QR code link

LINKS SYSTEM – Users can use it when creating dynamic QR codes, redirects, password protection, expiration, etc.

With 12 QR code templates, you can directly generate

  • Text, URL, Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp Message, Facetime Call, Map Location, WIFI, Event Date, Password, VCard, Paypal Payment.

Joining the FRS Corporate VIP Membership Program will provide unlimited use of this system for free.

ChatBot system

A Facebook Messenger chatbot that automatically replies and keeps customers happy so you have more time for other things.

Live +1 to bring goods, you can use this system to do live broadcast and bring goods, when customers type keywords, the robot can automatically send products to customers and guide customers to place orders.

2022/4/1 The public beta version will be officially released. During the public beta period, FRS ordinary customers can use the special version for one year free of charge, while FRS VIP members can enjoy the unlimited free version forever as long as they are in office.

Why join the Corporate VIP Membership Program?

Who is it designed for?

After a long period of observation, FRS found that many entrepreneurs do not have much time to manage the website and keep updating the website with the latest news. Therefore, we decided to launch this plan for small and medium-sized enterprises. The boss has no extra time management, and the company has no technical staff in this area. Related enterprises help more entrepreneurs manage their websites, which is equivalent to asking an employee to help you. manage.

What can I get?
Modify website content and design website pages for free and unlimited times. You no longer have to worry about paying extra because you don't have time to manage or adding new pages or redesigning them, all for free.

It is equivalent to having an employee manage it for you.
Usually, the annual salary of an ordinary employee is at least 10,000 yuan a year. If it is a technician in this field, the salary will be at least several times higher. In fact, you have hired our entire team to work for you and provide various services for free. All kinds of resources for you to use, and the annual salary is less than half of the normal employee.

Provide various resource channels to connect and use with you
Frans Ecommerce Enterprise (003128294-A) , also known as Frans Ecommerce Enterprise (003128294-A) FRS.

FRS focuses on e-commerce, e-commerce, film and television photography editing, international logistics and transportation, web program development, and many other Internet projects. We expect to integrate various channels and resources and make them available to more enterprises.

Win-win cooperation and open up new fields together.
FRS welcomes cooperation with you to build the future together. We also welcome talents who have channels or resources to work together to make their respective companies bigger and stronger.

In the future, we plan to cooperate with enterprises in the education and training industry and provide FRS VIP Members provide Internet education knowledge to help major enterprises more easily succeed on the Internet.

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With the continuous updating of resources and technologies, the price will never drop, but will only get higher and higher.

Join now and enjoy this price forever, and resources and technology will keep you updated and supported.

The FRS team welcomes you to join at any time.

If you have any questions or are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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