How to start ?

Frans Panel ( Fpanel ) 项目面板

这是我们的项目处理系统,网站建设过程都会通过 Fpanel 完成。

When you select one of the supporting and successful order, we will contact you if this is your first time using our service will then be sent an email account to mail to you. You need to check your mail and registered.


After login we will create one for you on your choice of companion create a new project

Then there will be a site engineer to contact you, and you get website building basic information basic information includes: Logo, website images, product information, copywriter, contact details, etc.) we will provide some website building template style for your reference, and then we will according to you choose the style of the building.


Click on the project you can see the current project progress to completion, and so forth.

Project file

Next, when the engineer to contact you and provide you with some basic site information and pictures

You need to go into the project file to upload related image material, etc. Upload pictures when you can choose the picture corresponding to the categories, which can make us more blocks to your pictures do a good classification process.

Why need through here to upload pictures?
  1. Uploading images via Frans Panel will not be compressed and your images will be guaranteed to be in high definition.
  2. After uploading the image will be saved in the project, so that future needs can be readily acquired.
  3. Easily one of our engineers can obtain your images and your website, to make changes or add content.

Build your official website and get FB/INS automated chat system FransChat

Create your website now and get 1 year of FransChat chatbot for just RM199.00

Refund Reason

Celebrating the official launch of FransChat

FransChat is an automatic chatbot for Facebook and Instagram, which can help you to automatically reply to customer reviews and private chats. Buy any website building package of Frans Ecommerce now, you can add 1 year of FransChat special package version at RM199.00, the original price is RM999.00.



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