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博客 / 公司网站


RM 2,799

Save 50%




Renewal price RM599/year

高达 10 页的免费设计
  • 之后您可以自行添加无限的页面
  • 您可以无限制收取潜在客户信息的表单
  • 您随时可以上传图片发布内容
Free SSL settings
  • Ensure your website in the browser is safe, and will not be the tour Manager is considered unsafe websites.
Free one year domain name
  • You can choose one that your domain name. Such as:
  • yourcompany.com
  • yourcompany. com. my
  • yourcompany. my
  • (Limited to the value of the bottom in the RM100 domain)
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E-Commerce Website


RM 3,699

Save 50%




Renewal price RM699/year

包含所有“博客 / 公司网站 ” 的所有功能
Online shop self-order functions
  • Online shop 7/24 online shopping
  • The customer may at any time in online orders, even if you are not online.
Unlimited products
  • You can unlimited upload products
Shipping set
  • You can according to your requirements shipping
Logistics courier tracking number query
  • Customers can through the tracking number on the website query the logistics situation
Online chat tool
  • Customers can directly on the page with you to chat, to increase the conversion rate.
Automatic e-mail alert Customer Reviews Product
  • Do not worry about the trouble the customer purchased the product also need to specifically go back to the website on comments.
  • You can set when the customer commented on the post, automatically reward customers coupon and the like.
Online payment function
  • Free premium programme
  1. The arrival of payment
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Payment by cheque
  4. Paypal
  5. Stripe
  • Applies to Malaysia Online Pay payment solutions with
  1. SwiFPay
  2. Billplz
  3. Toyyibpay
  4. Senangpay
  5. ipay 88
  • Above may be a proxy application account
  1. Senangpay
  2. ipay 88
  • 以上三种有额外年费和安装费用
  1. SwiFPay
  2. Billplz
  3. Toyyibpay
  • 以上两种则有免费方案可使用,可支持FPX网银支付,电子钱包)


Install the Facebook Pixel
  • You can use the Facebook Pixel to track customer preview information
The opening of the Facebook store
  • Website goods and Facebook store synchronization
  • Subject to Facebook to shop under
Open Instagram shop
  • Website goods and Instagram shops synchronization
  • Subject to Instagram to shop under
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System development

According to your business needs to develop the corresponding system

According to your requirements and pricing

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Includes all of the“online store website ”function
You can add affiliate system
You can add multi-language function
You can add multi-currency functionality
You can add wallet function
  • The client May on the website Recharge Wallet using wallet payment
  • You can also corresponding to the provided registration bonus amount, and shopping after rebate, etc.
You can add SMS order notification
  • When the customer orders automatically after use SMS to notify customers order details
Can add automatic logistics tracking system
  • Automatically track your courier number query, feel free to update the logistics status of the notification to clients
Can be added using a social media login function
  • Convenience of the customers direct use of Facebook or Google account
For the store business corresponding system
  • The order is automatically printed
  • Customers select a time to pick up
  • The store cash register Point of sale system SYNC site data
You can develop a progressive Web app, PWA)
  • Users can download the web App on your phone,anytime on your phone to open your site, without going through the browser
  • No need to spend a lot of amount for the development of the App
More features may be more your requirements for development
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Build your official website and get FB/INS automated chat system FransChat

Create your website now and get 1 year of FransChat chatbot for just RM199.00

Refund Reason

Celebrating the official launch of FransChat

FransChat is an automatic chatbot for Facebook and Instagram, which can help you to automatically reply to customer reviews and private chats. Buy any website building package of Frans Ecommerce now, you can add 1 year of FransChat special package version at RM199.00, the original price is RM999.00.



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