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博客 / 公司网站


RM 2,799

Save 50%




Renewal price RM599/year

高达 10 页的免费设计
  • 之后您可以自行添加无限的页面
  • 您可以无限制收取潜在客户信息的表单
  • 您随时可以上传图片发布内容
Free SSL settings
  • Ensure your website in the browser is safe, and will not be the tour Manager is considered unsafe websites.
Free one year domain name
  • You can choose one that your domain name. Such as:
  • yourcompany.com
  • yourcompany. com. my
  • yourcompany. my
  • (Limited to the value of the bottom in the RM100 domain)
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E-Commerce Website


RM 3,699

Save 50%




Renewal price RM699/year

包含所有“博客 / 公司网站 ” 的所有功能
Online shop self-order functions
  • Online shop 7/24 online shopping
  • The customer may at any time in online orders, even if you are not online.
Unlimited products
  • You can unlimited upload products
Shipping set
  • You can according to your requirements shipping
Logistics courier tracking number query
  • Customers can through the tracking number on the website query the logistics situation
Online chat tool
  • Customers can directly on the page with you to chat, to increase the conversion rate.
Automatic e-mail alert Customer Reviews Product
  • Do not worry about the trouble the customer purchased the product also need to specifically go back to the website on comments.
  • You can set when the customer commented on the post, automatically reward customers coupon and the like.
Online payment function
  • Free premium programme
  1. The arrival of payment
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Payment by cheque
  4. Paypal
  5. Stripe
  • Applies to Malaysia Online Pay payment solutions with
  1. SwiFPay
  2. Billplz
  3. Toyyibpay
  4. Senangpay
  5. ipay 88
  • Above may be a proxy application account
  1. Senangpay
  2. ipay 88
  • 以上三种有额外年费和安装费用
  1. SwiFPay
  2. Billplz
  3. Toyyibpay
  • 以上两种则有免费方案可使用,可支持FPX网银支付,电子钱包)


Install the Facebook Pixel
  • You can use the Facebook Pixel to track customer preview information
The opening of the Facebook store
  • Website goods and Facebook store synchronization
  • Subject to Facebook to shop under
Open Instagram shop
  • Website goods and Instagram shops synchronization
  • Subject to Instagram to shop under
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System development

According to your business needs to develop the corresponding system

According to your requirements and pricing

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Includes all of the“online store website ”function
You can add affiliate system
You can add multi-language function
You can add multi-currency functionality
You can add wallet function
  • The client May on the website Recharge Wallet using wallet payment
  • You can also corresponding to the provided registration bonus amount, and shopping after rebate, etc.
You can add SMS order notification
  • When the customer orders automatically after use SMS to notify customers order details
Can add automatic logistics tracking system
  • Automatically track your courier number query, feel free to update the logistics status of the notification to clients
Can be added using a social media login function
  • Convenience of the customers direct use of Facebook or Google account
For the store business corresponding system
  • The order is automatically printed
  • Customers select a time to pick up
  • The store cash register Point of sale system SYNC site data
You can develop a progressive Web app, PWA)
  • Users can download the web App on your phone,anytime on your phone to open your site, without going through the browser
  • No need to spend a lot of amount for the development of the App
More features may be more your requirements for development
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Build your official website and get FB/INS automated chat system FransChat

立即创建您的网站并只需加购 RM699.00 即可获得 1 年的 FransChat 聊天机器人

Refund Reason

Celebrating the official launch of FransChat

FransChat 是 Facebook,Instagram 的自动聊天机器人,可以帮助您自动回复客户评论和私人聊天,现在购买 Frans Ecommerce 任何一个网站建设套餐,就可以以 RM699.00 加购 1 年 FransChat Premium Subscribers 5000 配套,原价 RM1,020



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